Counting Cards In Online Blackjack

A game of blackjack usually offers 99.5% returns while avoiding the use of counting cards in online blackjack. These returns can further be increased to above 100% by counting cards in blackjack. This posed as a threat for casinos which led to them changing the rules to decrease the obtainable returns in order to reduce the effect of counting cards in blackjack. This move was resented by players by and large who shunned counting cards in online blackjack in blackjack. Casinos eventually took to practices which made counting cards in blackjack difficult without upsetting genuine players. Counting cards in blackjack is a technique wherein one needs to keep an account of the cards that are in play and as to whether the cards still to be played can come of any use to the dealer or the player. If the player foresees gains, the bet is increased and if at losses, the bet is decreased.

Most people count using devices while a rare few do it all in their mind. The courts have declared counting cards in blackjack using devices as illegal but for those who do it all in their minds, its declared legitimate and called as a skill. Moreover the kind of surveillance technologies available today at casinos makes it nearly impossible for anyone to carry electronic devices without getting caught.Casinos adopt various techniques to nullify the benefits of counting cards in blackjack. They increase the number of decks to decrease the profits in counting cards in online blackjack. They also decrease penetration i.e. the amount of cards dealt prior to a shuffle. Even after these measures, skilled card counters make profit.Skilled card counters are tackled with by starting of a conversation with suspects. Other concentration breaking strategies are also adopted. Suspects are determined by using computerized technologies which determine as to whether a certain players playing pattern follows that of a counting cards in online blackjack player.